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                松下电池原厂证明是每一份从厂家生产出来的电池唯一身份,上面标注了松下电池生产批次和生产编号! 打个比方说就像咱们普通人的身份证!



                Recommendation for Use of Genuine Panasonic Battery Pack( Rechargeable Battery )
                Thank you for using a Panasonic product.
                It has been our policy to recommend that the genuine Panasonic battery pack be used for any Panasonic product that uses a battery pack, including digital cameras. It has, however, been found that imitation battery packs that look very similar to the genuine Panasonic battery pack are marketed in some markets.
                Some of these imitation battery packs are not equipped with any protective devices that meet given quality standards for permitting use at high power outputs and for long hours. If any of these battery packs of inferior quality is used, it could lead to an accident or failure involving firing or explosion.
                To ensure that our products are used in utmost safety, we once again remind you to use the genuine Panasonic battery pack for any Panasonic product that is to use a battery pack. The genuine Panasonic battery packs are sold under our stringent quality control.
                Please be advised that we are not liable for any accident or failure occurring as a result of use of an imitation battery pack.
                We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation in this regard.
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